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Pallet Dispenser/Collector
Pallet Dispensers and Pallet Collectors are used to automatically dispense (or collect) pallets. These are typically used in automated palletizing or de-palletizing operations. Prime has designed and built a wide variety of Styles of these Units, for a wide variety of pallet types.

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Bag Flatteners
Our Bag Flatteners feature a rugged design for continous duty, with an easy to use variable bag pressure setting valve. With the incorporated guarding, this Unit is also one of the safest units available.

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High Speed Case Rotators
This “Dual-Lane” Mat-Top Belt Conveyor is designed to gently rotate cases, boxes, or compacted bags conveyed onto a pallet pattern forming conveyor. The general application would be as an infeed conveyor to a palletizing cell. This Unit will rotate product at a higher rate of speed and gentler than a bump turn device.

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Prime Conveyor has over 50 years experience in all facets of conveyor design, manufacturing, installation, and service. Our design team uses the latest CAD equipment and software to give you an efficient conveyor system that will save you money in lower production costs and faster production time. Each component of your conveyor system is assembled and double checked for perfect fit and operation in our modern state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Your conveyor system doesn't ship until it passes our tough quality control inspections. Whether it's standard conveyor components or custom engineered applications, Prime Conveyor has the right system for you. Whether it is a Chain-Driven Live Roller, Belt-Driven Live Roller, Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Transfers, Slat Conveyor, Pallet Dispensers/Collectors, Manual & Semi-Automatic Palletizers or Palletizing & Packaging Equipment Interface, Prime Conveyor has a solution for you.

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